Monday, 28 January 2013

Fake or Real? Do it Chanel's way!

Do you like me face an eternal conundrum when choosing accessories;  discreet or flashy?! I was carefully brought up, to appreciate real stones and how elegance was linked to being discreet, ladylike and definitely not over the top. My own style has evolved from my Paris years into jewelry which can make a statement and reflect my eclectic, vintage taste.

I think Coco Chanel had the right approach when she stated:" jewelry is not meant to make you look rich, it is meant to adorn you". Especially if you are not rich, it is better to choose a vintage cocktail ring of semiprecious stones, and failing that a gorgeous plastic design, than a small 'real'stone which fades into significance and adds nothing to your outfit. Coco also advised, to mix freely between costume and real jewelry as the look was all that mattered.

However there is one caveat on costume jewelry, it should be as well made as  real jewelry. So go for the best in each category.Taking a flower adornment, if you wear a real flower, it will fade after several hours, so wearing a beautiful 'real' silk one can enhance a spring outfit. Especially if  you take care, to coordinate your perfume with your look (another time I will explore that topic!)