Monday, 30 January 2012

perfume for cold days

Poison  Dior for womenOn a cold winter day,I look at my perfume collection for the winter and turn to Poison by Christian Dior. Launched in the mid eighties , oh those shoulder pads and days of funky neo pop! Poison, is actually not at all as the name would suggest poisonous venom in perfume, but rather due to the coriander and plum mix with wood it gives a warm smoky feeling that envelops you as you pull on thick sweaters to brace yourself in the cold.
Other cold weather perfumes I can reccomend are Shalimar and Samsara by Guerlain, Dulcis in Fundum by Profumum Roma ( a niche perfumery from Italy that creates very individualist perfumes; this one is a retake on gourmand to the extreme with burnt caramel and lemon, a street stopper!).

Thursday, 26 January 2012

70's memory lane

January seems to be the month of a trip down memory lane, am listening to Dutch composer of film music and modern classical scores Rogier van Otterloo, and glancing at facebook at my old school mates, oh those times of flared trousers, jeans put on in the bath tub and dancing to king crimson!Any out therre with similare memories?
I put my daughter in flared velours mustard yellow trousers with embroidered flowers (aged 5) she loves the style.If you look at the perfumes coming out they too are back in the 70's with overdoses of patchouli and candy

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January asks for pink

Today in Belgium is drab, grey and cold, so I decided to wear pink, hot pink! it made me feel instantly better and feminine. To further boost my spirits watched the great 60's movie" Paris when it sizzles "with
a gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and William Holden in a pastiche comedy. great wardrobe for Miss Hepburn, 60's cocktail and day outfits in flashy colour and oh so chique! Wish I was living in that period when we absolutely had to wear gloves and super feminine outfits.

Friday, 20 January 2012

friendship among strangers

Today I was touched by the warm feelings of friendship received from people i dont know very well. in this day and age when all of us move around the globe in search of work and love, many old friends can be far from us when we need a friendly word or gesture. It is so important to be open to other people around you, that is why I love biking round my neighbourhood and taking public transport!

Friday, 13 January 2012

depressing January

Have you ever thought after the party season when recovering from the good things in life, that too much is too much? Well I certainly did, after 4 months of constant exercise and diet gave way to a binge of foie gras, turkey, wine, champagne you name it!

As the grizzle falls and the baubles of xmas decorations are put away, I face the new year with many resolutions, I will share them with you:
  1. look at the small joyful everyday ocurrences and take pleasure in them
  2. Not focus on the larger issues which cannot be solved in a day, let life take its course
  3. Give friendship and share emotions
  4. Smile as often as possible
Happy New Year