Monday, 30 January 2012

perfume for cold days

Poison  Dior for womenOn a cold winter day,I look at my perfume collection for the winter and turn to Poison by Christian Dior. Launched in the mid eighties , oh those shoulder pads and days of funky neo pop! Poison, is actually not at all as the name would suggest poisonous venom in perfume, but rather due to the coriander and plum mix with wood it gives a warm smoky feeling that envelops you as you pull on thick sweaters to brace yourself in the cold.
Other cold weather perfumes I can reccomend are Shalimar and Samsara by Guerlain, Dulcis in Fundum by Profumum Roma ( a niche perfumery from Italy that creates very individualist perfumes; this one is a retake on gourmand to the extreme with burnt caramel and lemon, a street stopper!).

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