Wednesday, 21 March 2012

More vintage

On my recent trip to London,I was struck by the onslought of vintage.Maybe I'm wrong but it seems to me that this started with Laura Ashley and Biba in london in the late 60's; The last 10 years have seen the trend continue, for me in terms of furnishings, Cath Kidston in the UK and Pip studio in the Netherlands, are among the best. Cath Kidston( see image above) uses retro fabric on accesories, furnishings; the best are those done for the Queen's jubilee, with images of London in the 50's and 60's printed on fabric. Pip Studio does a lovely line in retro procelain, with the lovely motto, happy products for happy people.
Vintage covers for books have also started reappearing in re-editions of 1930's, 50's and 60's authors as diverse as Somerset Maugham, Mary Stewart, Dorothy L Sayers.The nicest editions are those of Mary Stewar (1950's author), each reappearing with a 1950's image for a fashion model in lovely matte colours. if you havent discovered Mary Stewart do take the opportunity to do so; her novels combine mystery with romance and lovely locations, such as Scotland, Greece and the Provence, in a literate style.
Lastly to complete my tour of vintage, nothing more so than the craze for cupcakes,covered in pastel glazes , which has been rendered hommage by fashion label Louis Vuitton in their latest spring campaign for their handbags (see  picture).


  1. I like the LV campaign, though loathe their bags, Cath Kidston is just a bit too twee for me, I always need a Setler upon leaving that shop!

    1. I agree, but the campaign really does it for me! As for cath kidston, what really hit me was her retro designs for the queen's jubileee, on waxed cotton, in pastel background, doubledeckers, and other familiar london images, in 50's style; do take a look at pip studio, her mix and match porcelain is truly gorgeous, and easily mixable with vintage porcelain;