Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A holiday by the sea in springtime

Dear fellow bloggers, went away for a spell by the seaside in Zeeland (or land by the sea in Dutch), a province on the west coast of The Netherlands. Unspoilt even though there is alot of tourism. Cycling on the seadykes; on one side the sea and the other the dutch polder landscape, you feel the fight of Man against nature. My fellow compatriots have been clawing at the sea for some extra land for centuries.
 Zeeland is a case in point. after a huge flooding of the province in 1953, the Dutch closed off part of the islands in this province from the sea with what is called the Delta works, a system of sluices and bridges which close off huge parts of the sea.
Today Zeeland has preserved its heritage of unspoilt coastline with nature reserves along the coast and small coastal towns dating back to the 15th century like Brouwershaven.
The Netherlands is such a small country within Europe, but they have managed to keep tourism a vital mouthfeeder btu not allow it to spoil the landscape. As you drive, cycle or walk in Zeeland, you feel proud to be a fellow human being, achieving harnessing nature but not destroying it, keeping alive the traces of history to make us reflect on the future of our planet.


  1. I love your view and love the simplicity of your blog-a new follower :)
    Glad to find you!

    1. isn't it fun to blog and discover likeminded soulos across the world? welcome reva!