Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dare to be yourself and dont destroy others for not being what you are!

Went to a fabulous conference earlier this week, on the subject mentioned in the title. Made me think as the speaker reflected on how egoism drives society especially the consumer society. The overriding desire to be part of the pack and have the latest it shoe or bag, to name but an example, is part of our unconscious need to show others we are better stronger than others whilst being part of the pack. In order to to activate mini interpersonal wars all the time we seek scapegoats who can carry the can for all that is wrong. Can you name some famous people currently who fulfill that role?
I wrote in an earlier post on how I hoped this crisis would lead us to new reflections on how our society should be functioning,  as I feel we are in an ever increasing spiral of violence rejecting all that is not similar to us and looking for scapegoats to give us a temporary security.
How can we work the world to give us this security so that we come to consensual acceptance," Live and let live"?


  1. Try this:
    Set up by Karen Armstrong, who has written several very interesting books on this very subject! Well worth reading if you've got time.