Friday, 27 April 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters, so much fusion and so much power if both give and take.It has always fascinated me to see strong mothers lead and equally strong daughters accept to follow in their mothers footsteps. Not an easy task for neither, I would say. The mother initiates and the daugher continues but establishes her own identity.

 Simone Ortega, famous cookery writer of the 60's and 70's in Spain wrote her 1080 cookery recipes to great acclaim, revising traditional spanish cooking for the modern life. the book has been revised and republished in English, French and other languages. These editions have been accompanied by wonderful drawings by Javier Mariscal great illustrator and designer of the Spanish Movida.Her daughter Ines publishes a blog on cooking and writes her own more contemporary recipes, her latest one is on tapas, that great Spanish invention which allows you to drink in moderation with a lovely warm snack. I grew up in madrid and whenever I travel back it is alswys a pleasdure to sample the various tapas and pinchos(smaller sized!) in the myriad of bars around the Plaza Santa Ana in the heart of Madrid next to its Parliament.
Another great mother daughter team which seems to have effected the transition from mother to daughter without a hitch is mother Sonia and daughter Nathalie Rykiel of the happiest french feminine fashion label. Pragmatism seems to be the base of Sonia's success, starting with knits in the 60's she made knitwear a glamourous wearable fashion, much like Coco Chanel with her jersy outfits. I love both Chanel and Rykiel for thinking about marrying comfort for body movement with style!

My favourite high street fashion for mother and daughter is french label Comptoir des Cotonniers, who do great ads with mothers and daughters with a quirky take!

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  1. Great post, Josine. I must look up the Ortegas. And it brought back all your enthusiasm for the Spanish Movida!