Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Feel Good factor

How wonderful to have your breakfast mug inscribed on the bottom with; "Happy products for happy people!"! One of my favorite porcelain and interior wares, is  designer Pip Studio from Holland. This label happily mixes   retro and modern styles, some in pastel tints others in strong reds and pinks and blues, using images from the circus and flower designs with an oriental feel to them.  In case you wonder why I keep coming back in this blog to bright colors, retro style and warmth and happiness; my zodiac sign is cancer, which should explain all! My house is full of vibrant colors and I love nothing more than to change porcelain  for each dinner party or by season.This coming festive season, Pip Studio's bright red band on white porcelain's dinner service, called Love birds, is what will appear on the Christmas dinner table.

 Feel good accessories that are wonderful as Christmas gifts for
 your beloved is Spanish   label  "Mifabula", designing good luck bracelets with silk or leather cords and adding gold or silver discs inscribed with meaningful messages. You can design your own and they'll also  inscribe your children or your beloved's names.

If you need another gorgeous exotic label that designs original colorful accessories, look for Mia Zia, an original French label that does a great line in silk and wool scarves with beautiful patterns as well as leather ware and other complements.

Enjoy the festive season and buy presents full of warmth and color to bring joy into your homes and the heart of those you love!

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