Monday, 17 December 2012

Vintage Christmas

Christmas has arrived! Each year I vow not to be caught up in the maelstrom of parties, gifts, indulging in lovely festive foods etc. However, I am a child at heart, and looking at vintage children's illustrations, I feel the joy of uncomplicated fun, sharing and giving. The 1920's especially was a time of gifted illustrators who caught the innocence of children so well. One of my favorite is  Anton Pieck  which I reproduce here. Of Dutch origin, born at the end of the 1890's he illustrated many children's stories and fairy tales. Each time I see one of illustrations, I am transported back into my childhood. 
Another wonderful illustrator is Fredddie Langeleer, who was self taught and illustrated many children's books in the 1920's. She wrote a marvelous story which my daughter loves on the star children who live in the clouds and fish in moonlit lakes on the clouds and drive their carriages on plump clouds!Vintage Christmas cards, symbolize my lost childhood and I cannot resist the charming naivety of the images, here are some for your enjoyment!
 Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013!

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