Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Money, Money does it really make the world go round?

Monopoly game

As Greece and most of Europe is in deep social unrest and a severe crisis has hit us which will last a generation, my thoughts went to our attitudes to money.  Who hasnt played the famous Monopoly game, where winning is all about amassing properties and money! So it seems our real lives are also dominated by the desire to amass and mass consumerism has increased our almost pathetic dependence on money. I include myself in this, by the way, but I am not proud of it. More and more as I look to the next generation of our children, I am convinced we need to turn our actions and thoughts away from money as the panacea, and use it instead to fruitfulness and not let it use us! Let us teach children that to be in a community means helping each other, nurturing human relationships and look to the greater good. We seem to regress to regard highly egotistical behaviour and those who strive without regard for others, as admirable; If we follow that course as we live in a global society we are on the road to destruction faster than we will create a path for the future.
sorry todays column is more serious but am touched by the plight of those countires like Greece which will see a generation pass before they can recover!

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