Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Snow, Winter in Vitebsk

The last few days a cold spell has hit Europe and we have beautiful sunshine with some snow, what better conditions for a lovely winter day?
Snow has inspired many writers and painters, from Orhan Pamuk's Snow to Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg to mention some recent ones. Both treat the snow as a disturbing magical environment, and if you walk about a snow white landscape, even in town, I quite agree. The painting for this post is from Russian expressionist Marc Chagall and to me perfectly gives us the slightly disturbing element of snow.
Russian literature and paintings are of course embued with snow, especially in the masterpiece; War and Peace by Tolstoy, if I read this whilst listening to Tchaikovsky's Symphonie Pathetique I am inmediately transported to the great  plains covered in deep snow and silence.


  1. I was enchanted was the many different descriptions of snow as seen by Miss Smilla! I also like your "slightly disturbing element of snow". Happy blogging, Josine!