Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jubilee colour

In spite of the rain pouring down, Britain showed the world how to render hommage to a Queen. What always strikes me with the Queen and members of the royal family that they are keen followers of the precept of colour blocking! Rarely especially the last years have I seen the Queen in print or flower fabrics. I think she has realised what it took us a longer time to do so, is that using one colour, the face and personality comes out much stronger. My personal prefernce is more to use colour blocking using two colours or three if I use a striking accesory.
As most of us are nowadays limited by wardrobe space and money, some accesories have been designed to give the maximum versatility. For a great handbag solution to accompany differnt colour outfits,I love French label Juste Campagne, they make a shopper bag (cabas) in natural tinted leather in straps and let the cotton lining show through so as to provide the colour note. the lining can be changed in function of your outfit!
Another great accesory is the plastic fashion  colour watch, my favourite is Ice Watch, who have understood the need for colour statement, having both the strap and watch in the same colour.
Finally to close my post on a more cultural note, if you happen to be in Paris before the end of June(ends June 21), go and see artist Daniel van Buren's colouring of the Grand Palais, a 19th century building in the middle of Paris.

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