Thursday, 21 June 2012


Summer holidays always make me think of salt; especially salt on the skin.The salty bracing air of the Atlantic is lovely in the spring and autumn, but for the summer give me the Meditterranean any time. I turn into a beach bum, smelling of suntan oil (yes to french eponymous Ambre Solaire and the much regretted Jean Patou huile de chaldée, which gave an inmediate colour and smelled exotically of the 1920's golden girls!). It is difficult to find perfumes that truly give off a salty, tangy, sundrenched and yes slightly sweaty smell. I went over to the fragantica website to look up notes of my beach summer perfumes and noticed that the salt seems to come from a combination of nutty/almonds, vanilla, ozonic fresh married to fruits sometimes red and some citrussy. Summer evening perfumes tend to have fruits, rose, licorice, caramel, and drydown to tonka bean and vanilla. I give you my alltime favourites for day and evening! Let me know which are yours.
Look up Italian perfumers, Profumum Roma, they only produce the real stuff so  no eau de toilette versions here, but for me their Acqua di Sale and their Vuolo AZ 486 give me a real beach bum feel sitting with a glass of ouzo after a morning tanning and swimming with some small mezze on my favourite terrace facing the sea in the Greek Peloponnese. Vuolo AZ 486 is also great I would think for those who holiday in the Pacific, Latin American region, it has coconut and tropical fruits but not overdone.For a similar effect you can also try Maitre Gantier et Parfumeur Bahania.

 If you want more coconut and suntan oil, Comptoir Pacifique do a candied Vanille Coco, which if too much add some ozonic perfume  to tone down.For a softer sillage and definitely better behaved than the beach bum look, go for Guerlain's new Acqua Allegoria, Lys Soleia. It has the signature of new Guerlain perfumer Thierrry Wasser who has done much to rebuild Guerlain's perfumes to their former creativity.

Lastly if you want the salty with a  slight metallic twing, there is nothing better than to go for that 80's monument, Dune by Christian Dior You hesitate between car exhaust and metallic car paint and a salty seabreeze, but for those whose skins take to it it is a sex bomb!

For me the nightime is about cooling down but enjoying the day's warmth of the sun. A shower and some sparkels and colourful wear, and I can feel the relaxation setting in. What to wear as a perfume? think back to that 60's french cult movie La Piscine (the swimmingpool) with Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, for me this means two perfumes which play in the general notes I mentioned in the beginning; Angel by Thierry Mugler (there is an eau de toilette version!) and Lolita Lempicka. You might think these two too heavy but rub some oil (Nuxe huile prodigieux if you can get it) and then a few spritzes of perfume, I swear heaven is there!

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