Sunday, 10 June 2012

vintage and tiles

We all have seen in museums around the world the lovely intimist 17th century dutch interiors(here one by Pieter de Hoogh), where tiled surfaces predominate!Tiles such as these old Dutch delft tiles are still used in vintage ktichens with rough white painted wooden furniture(use recuperated 30is and 50s cheap and easy to get)You can get bobochic vintage tiles, used as design on wallpaper, cushions and porcelain. A great example comes from Turkish/Indian design duo, Burcu Akin and Piyush Suri, these can be used to provide contrast with taupe/neutral furnishings.

If on the other hand you want to give greater impact to your vintage furniture, have a look at UK wallpaper manufacturer par excellence, Sanderson, who have brought out a lovely 50's vintage wallpaper collection (see some examples here).
I would advise rather than a great expanse of this wallpaper , maybe use a pan of it down the centre of a wall. It will provide a strong focus statement.

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  1. Loving this! Fantastic illustrations. (PS. My Agua Lavanda arrived - thanks for the recommendation. I knew I could trust you - blogged about it today.)